As our US community expands, so does our mission in Haiti. More than 190 parishes and 130 schools in 28 states made contributions to The Haitian Project since 1994 through special collections, fundraisers, events, and classroom solidarity efforts.

With each new addition, a ripple of support has moved throughout the country. Our US community has grown from one dedicated parish in one small state to a diverse collection of thousands of enthusiastic supporters throughout the United States. People from Rhode Island, Illinois, Oregon, Tennessee, South Carolina, California and across the country are making our vision for Haiti's better tomorrow a reality through their financial support and an eagerness to serve our brothers and sisters abroad.

The Haitian Project acknowledges that your work enables us to strengthen our mission and expand our resources so that we may continue to provide both a challenging and quality Catholic education to our students and a positive environment for our neighbors in Santo. Our ever-growing US community provides the pillars of our mission at Louverture Cleary School in Haiti. Each parish, school, and individual contribution has made a direct and visible impact on The Haitian Project. Your support is the support that we have to give.


From Pennies to Power: The Solarization of LCS

Solar Panels

No one would dispute the logic of solar power in the Caribbean, but it still took former THP Board Member Sue Williams's dogged commitment to the cause to motivate us to take the first step toward using the sun, one of the few consistent things in Haiti, to power Louverture Cleary School (LCS).

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