Contacting The Haitian Project

Deacon Patrick Moynihan, President of The Haitian Project / Head of Louverture Cleary School

Colby Bowker, Vice President of Communications

Reese Grondin, Treasurer


The Haitian Project, Inc.
P.O. Box 6891
Providence, RI 02940

PHONE: (401) 351-3624

For matters related to community development, contact:

For matters related to operations, contact:


Board of Directors and Corporate Officers

Corporate Officers

Deacon Patrick Moynihan, President

Colby Bowker, Vice President

Reese Grondin, Treasurer

Adam Osielski, Secretary

Board of Directors

Scott LeGrand, Chair
Patrick Brun, Sr., 1st Vice Chair
John Fiorenza, 2nd Vice Chair

Jerry Brauneis
Elizabeth Bowman
Patrick Brun
Dr. Timothy Flanigan
John Fiorenza
Steve Holmes
Dr. Scott LeGrand
M. Aimée Maier 
Deacon Patrick Moynihan
Patricia Newell
Adam Osielski
Dean Reineking, Sr.
James E. Reulbach
Brian Rhodes
Ellen Shackford
Smith Vioselin

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