Education Works: A Louverturian's Journey

Louverturian Patricia Alexandre - from a young 12 year old first entering LCS, to a LCS
Graduate, to a medical student at l’Université de Notre Dame d’Haïti.

One of Louverture Cleary School’s brightest alumnae, Patricia Christelle Alexandre (Class of 2012), is leading the pack as one of the top students at l’Université de Notre Dame d’Haïti’s medical school.

Patricia has grown in many ways (braids and all) since she entered Louverture Cleary School [LCS] in 2005. LCS is a tuition-free Catholic boarding school run by The Haitian Project [THP], providing secondary education for students whose families wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford the cost of their education. At age 12, Patricia was nervous to leave her parents and two sisters in Port au Prince, but also eager to make them proud. The supportive staff at LCS maximized her potential by preparing her for success at university where she is realizing her dream of becoming a doctor.

As Patricia says, “The staff and Volunteers at Louverture Cleary taught me that women can do whatever we want if we work for it. As Deacon Moynihan [President of THP and Head of LCS] always taught us, the best way to show love for my family and my country is to work hard for them… I hope that my actions will also influence others.” By providing her with an education, THP has not only changed Patricia’s life, but also the lives of all those who will benefit from her care and example.

Patricia’s academic excellence during her first year at medical school earned her a scholarship in her second year. THP’s goal is to assist half of LCS graduates with university scholarships, knowing that others, like Patricia, will be able to find support on their own. She isn’t the first to do so; in 2011, Dorothy Drouinaud (class of 2008), earned a full scholarship for her final year of economic studies at the Institut des Hautes Études Commerciales et Economiques in Port au Prince.

Education works. 94% of LCS graduates are still living in Haiti, and over 70% have attended or are enrolled in university.  It is THP’s mission to continue to educate the leaders who will help make Haiti’s better tomorrow a reality.


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