Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to speak French/Kreyol to be a Volunteer?

No!  You do not need to speak French or Kreyol to Volunteer at LCS. The students at LCS learn in four languages (English, Spanish, French and Kreyol).  With that, we ask our Volunteers teach in their native language—providing ample practice for our students.  However, so that Volunteers can become competent in Kreyol, the Project will arrange for language tutoring for its Volunteers by employing recent graduates of the school. Three hours of tutoring a day will take place during the in-country orientation before classes begin for the year.  

Where do Volunteers live? Will I have a roommate?

Volunteers live in community on the LCS school campus.. A room with a bed, mosquito netting, desk, shelving unit for clothes, and fan is provided. Volunteers will have at least one roommate and, if possible, board with Haitian staff members. A community kitchen with a refrigerator, dishes, pans, and cooking stove with oven is also provided.

Besides teaching, what do Volunteers do?

In addition to teaching classes Volunteers participate in cooking meals, cleaning tasks, extra-curricular clubs, study time, work groups, and activities to enrich community life at LCS.   While Volunteers keep a full schedule there is also time to relax and reflect. 

Can I take online classes or participate in other work during my time in Haiti?

Because of the limited availability of the internet as well as a rigorous schedule it is not possible for  Volunteers to participate in other work during their Volunteer year. It is our Volunteers’ commitment and dedication that helps our community to operate successfully.

Do I need to be Catholic to be a Volunteer?

The unique charism of LCS and THP is central to our operations. It would be very challenging to fully participate in the life of LCS without directly participating in the spiritual identity of the community. While our students are not required to be Catholic, our Volunteers must possess a strong commitment to Catholic social teaching in order to ensure the harmonious and positive growth and development of the community.

Can I defer student loans if I teach in Haiti?

Many Volunteers have been able to defer their student loans.  We recommend contacting your loan company for guidance in receiving a deferment. 

Can I volunteer in the summer?

The Haitian Project rarely accommodates short-term Volunteers. THP does not accommodate volunteers during the summer when our school is not in session. However, in special circumstances, THP and LCS may allow volunteers to apply to teach for second semster. Otherwise, the Volunteer commitment lasts 10 months from mid-August to mid-June. Contact Katilyn Guzik for further information on the curent needs of the project and community. 

To learn more about the Volunteer Program or to request an application please call 401-351-3624 or email