LCS Alumni

After experiencing a seven-year formation, LCS graduates stay in Haiti to become leaders in their communities. Fluent in four languages, they easily advance to university or join Haiti’s work force. Many graduates go on to become engineers, educators, business entrepreneurs, managers, doctors – future leaders for Haiti. Some of the school’s recent graduates join the LCS Junior Staff, a work study program that supports them during university while they help keep the school’s mission strong.

Making a Concrete Difference: Junior François is working as a quality control manager for St. Francois de Sales Hospital's rebuilding project and is one of the highest ranking members of the engineering team. This century-and-a-half-old hospital has been serving the poor of downtown Port-au-Prince since 1881. 


Cultivating Resources for Haiti: One of Marie Darine Dorval’s most enduring lessons from her time at Louverture Cleary School (LCS) is the responsibility of everyone to care for the environment. Now in her second year studying agronomy, thanks to a scholarship from her alma mater, Dorval hopes to improve her country through investing in its natural resources.


Always Employed: Mackenzie Andrè has held a job from the day he graduated from Louverture Cleary School in 1999. In 2009, his then-boss promoted Andre to floor manager, saying, "I believe in LCS and I believe in you."Andrè is working hard to be the change he hopes to see in Haiti.


Supply for the Demand:  Growing up in a country with less than 50% literacy, few understand the importance of an education better than LCS students and graduates. Johny Azor, Jean Syriaque, Maxo Brevil and Marjorie Mombrun are just four of many examples of LCS alumni who live out the LCS motto, “What you receive for free, you must give for free,” (Matthew 10:8) through their service as teachers.


Education Works: One of Louverture Cleary School’s brightest alumnae, Patricia Christelle Alexandre (Class of 2012), is leading the pack as one of the top students at l’Université de Notre Dame d’Haïti’s medical school. As Patricia says, “The staff and Volunteers at Louverture Cleary taught me that women can do whatever we want if we work for it." By providing her with an education, THP has not only changed Patricia’s life, but also the lives of all those who will benefit from her care and example.


It's All in the Family: From the moment Jean Roger Polidor set foot on the campus of Louverture Cleary School (LCS), he understood the value of the LCS community.  Now serving as the director of THP’s Office of External Affairs (OEA), Polidor still says, “Louverture Cleary School is a family.”


Not Optimal for Now - But Not Too Bad Either: Haiti to Egypt, Norway, Sudan, Darfur, Turkey, Uganda and back to Haiti again is a well-beaten path for Jean Godenson Antoine, a 2000 graduate of Louverture Cleary School (LCS). Antoine is currently an expat UN worker thousands of miles from home, but he looks forward to bringing what he has learned back home to Haiti, soon.