LCS Receives Top Ranking in Haiti

Newsletter issue: 
September 2014
News item date: 
Tuesday, September 9, 2014

by HPN staff

LCS's national laureates, Dolph-Froid Payoute and Usnaelo Dorcelant.

Each year in Haiti, Katryèm (U.S. 9th grade), Rheto (12th grade), and Philo (senior +1) classes spend three days taking national exams.  The final two years are referred to as Baccalaureate I and II. Passing the test is the only way to proceed to the next level of education. LCS has a historical pass rate of 98% on the exams, earning the school a reputation for excellence in Haiti.

In 2014, 100% of the Philo class passed BAC II, and two Rheto students were named national laureates for their exceptional scores on the BAC I exam, adding another year of excellent results to the school’s history.

Of course, awards do not sufficiently express the significance of an LCS education. After hearing of their impressive individual results, LCS’s national laureates, Dolph-Froid Payoute and Usnaëlo Dorcelant took a few moments to share what they believe to be the true value of a “Louverturian”.

HPN: Congratulations on your recent notoriety. Why do you think you scored so highly on the BAC this year?

Dorcelant: All of our teachers who helped us are part of our success. They always encourage us so that we know we can succeed.

Payoute: I know I studied very hard. LCS gave me the opportunity.

HPN: How is LCS different from other schools in Haiti?

Payoute: At LCS we have electricity every night so we can study and people to help us prepare.  Also, we live in community, so you have to learn to listen and understand other people’s ideas. And LCS encourages us to do good things with our education.

Dorcelant: We are a small group in our country – people who think Haiti can change. People who have the chance to go to LCS will be the people to make the change… If tomorrow, there were many Louverturians, the whole country could succeed.

HPN: What does it mean to be a Louverturian?

Payoute: When you are a Louverturian, you have to be able to lead a group. A Louverturian is someone who is a good leader, who works hard, and works to change things for the better.

Dorcelant: Being a Louverturian means to being able to accomplish goals and fulfill the vision of LCS. As we say in Kreyòl: “Nou pare pou’n rebati Ayiti. E ou?” [We are ready to rebuild Haiti. Are you?]

HPN: This will be your last year at LCS. Any plans for after you graduate?

Payoute: I would like to study engineering. I like the application of mathematics.

Dorcelant: I think I will study medicine. Really, I would like to be a politician. But I know I will need more life experience for that.