Learning to Create Change

Newsletter issue: 
April 2015
News item date: 
Friday, April 10, 2015

by Kristin Soukup (LCS Dean of Students) 









Sherline (left) and Louvenise, as members of the Philo year, actively lead LCS on a day-to-day basis, guiding the other students and setting an academic example.

    The Philo (terminal) year at Louverture Cleary School is distinct from the previous six years: Religion class is dedicated to the book His Way; the students study economics in their English class; and they take philosophy instead of literature. Additionally, all Philo students serve as “Guides” – responsible for leading the other students in all aspects of community life at LCS. A few students were asked to reflect on how their Philo year is preparing them for the future:

How has His Way impacted you?

Louvenise: “Our goal at LCS is to rebuild Haiti. With His Way, I saw that this goal is not only political, it is also religious: we as lay Christians can work for a better future for Haiti.”

Sherline: “It teaches us not to be a conformist, to not accommodate the world’s ideals but to spread the Gospel.”

Cangé: “As a Christian, I should contribute to the changes of the country. We cannot see a problem and not solve it; Christians are in the world to make a change in the world, so when we see the problem, we should try to solve it.” 

What has been important in your Economics class?

Louvenise: “I learned that we should protect our resources. If we do not, this will be a loss to the school and decrease the capacity of the school to provide the things that everyone needs.”

Cange: “Economics relates to everything. In economics, we learn about how our decisions impact our lives. This class will help me to be a more rational citizen.”

What about Philosophy?

Cangé: “In our Philosophy class, we learned about different philosophers, and I saw that their writings were important. Writing is good, but we also have to act; we need people that will make effective change.”

What have you learned from serving as a Guide?

Cadaffy: “As a Guide, I am responsible for guiding the younger students, and I have to make sacrifices like waking up early. After being a Guide at LCS, I am ready to be a leader. If I have a job where I am responsible to guide others, I would feel prepared to do this.”