Life on the LCS Campus

Louverture Cleary School is a community that stresses personal responsibility and service to others. These principles permeate the operation and culture of the whole campus—inside and outside of the classroom. Our students, staff, junior staff, Volunteers, administration, and graduates are all motivated by the Gospel of Matthew 10:8, “What you receive for free, you must give for free.” Several members of the LCS staff and administration are graduates of our school seeking to share their gift of education with others.


Staff: More than 35 Haitian Staff at the school and four staff in the U.S. keep LCS and THP running smoothly to maximize our students’ potential. Living in the charism of THP, they dedicate themselves to the service of others.

Junior Staff - These are staff members who are participating in a work-student program with LCS.  They are typically graduates of LCS who are attending university and living on the LCS campus.  Junior Staff have various responsibilities at LCS (such as teaching, community outreach, external affairs, administrative assistant work etc.) and tend to work closely with the Volunteers.

Volunteers: Each year we recruit 8 – 10 US Volunteers who dedicate their lives in complete service to the LCS community. They teach a variety of classes and clubs, lead our students in the practice of our charism, and are the engine that turns our school. 

Teachers: Our students are taught by a combination of Haitian faculty, Junior Staff members, and our non-Haitian Volunteers. The school is accredited by and follows the curriculum mandated by the Haitian Ministry of Education.  It is a demanding curriculum, which includes English, Spanish, French, Kreyol, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, Calculus and Philosophy.  LCS students also take classes in religion and computers and participate in community service.

Administration - Administration members are responsible for overseeing the operation of the school.  This group includes the Principal, the Director of Operations – Haiti, the Head of Accounting, the Dean of Students, the Head of Volunteers, and the President. 

Graduates: After experiencing a seven-year formation, LCS graduates stay in Haiti to become leaders in their communities. Fluent in four languages, they easily advance to university or join Haiti’s work force. Many graduates go on to become engineers, educators, business entrepreneurs, managers, doctors – future leaders for Haiti. Some of the school’s recent graduates join the LCS Junior Staff, a work study program that supports them during university while they help keep the school’s mission strong.