A Louverturian Taking Initiative

Newsletter issue: 
September 2013
News item date: 
Tuesday, September 10, 2013

By Tara Kingsley (Volunteer)

Haendel Regnus (LCS 2008) credits Louverture Cleary School (LCS) with teaching him the meaning of leadership and tenacity through community programs like Netwayaj Deyo (neighborhood cleanup).  As an entrepreneur and bank teller, Regnus is still putting those Louverturian qualities to work.

Regnus discovered a passion for business and entrepreneurship at a young age while watching his mother making cookies at home and selling them on the street.  According to Regnus, “I knew entrepreneurship was my calling. I like to take risks and face new problems.  I enjoy a job where I can learn new skills every day.”

After graduating from LCS, Regnus earned admission to the State’s highly-competitive university for Law and Economic Sciences.  There he studied economic sciences and earned his degree in 2012.  During his time at university, Regnus found work as a census taker.  He used the money he earned to start Entreprise Regnus Haendel (ERH), a wholesale business that supplies stores with goods like rice, butter, milk and oil.

Now Regnus splits his time between working as a teller at Unibank and expanding ERH.  He combines the management skills and financial experience he acquires at Unibank with the opportunities to take risks and problem solve in his work as a wholesaler.

Determined to continue his formal education, Regnus also attends seminars on entrepreneurship and business through EGI (Economic Growth Initiative), an organization founded by Volunteer alum, Steve Keppel.  Regnus hopes that his current project, a dissertation on credit and economic growth, can help other economics students.

Regnus is always proud to talk to others about LCS, and notes that the student fortunate enough to receive an LCS education must be diligent, studious and willing to take initiative.  Fellow LCS alum Jean Roger Polidor attests, “Haendel is an outstanding Louverturian: serious, respectful and respected, an excellent worker, and a dynamic person.  I can’t say enough about him.”