September 2013

Building a Community

By Kaitlyn Guzik (In-Country Coordinator of Community Development)

As the gates of Louverture Cleary School (LCS) opened for the start of a new year, they welcomed 61 new sizyem (seventh grade) Louverturians from Port au Prince and the surrounding area.  Alongside them, the Philo (senior) students embarked on their seventh and final year at LCS; they will be the 18th group to graduate from LCS. 



The Great Wall Pour

Seismic repairs on campus continued this summer with new walls for the library and lower level of the Agora dormitory.  Patrick Faustin (Head of LCS Maintenance) and the maintenance staff completed the three sheer walls on schedule.  Students returned to campus throughout the summer to help with renovations as well as regular cleanup projects.  Their many hands made the heavy renovation work a bit lighter.  It was a lot of work, but it went smoothly—a testament to the quality of our veteran staff.  LCS plans to complete 10 to 12 more walls during the 2013-2014 school year.


Madeleine Does It Again!

The Madeleine Parish inPortland,ORheld yet another tremendously successful garage sale to support THP August 2-4, raising more than $26,000.  Christina Moynihan, who participated in the event with her daughter, Marianna Moynihan, reflected, “People stepped out of their comfort zones, asking strangers to ‘round up’ and make an extra donation to The Haitian Project and sharing their own experiences in Haiti.  Not only were there words of encouragement, there were bells ringing each time someone donated more money.  It was amazing to see how every little effort came together for good. (Romans 8:28)”


BGT 2013

St. Thomas the ApostleChurchin Crystal Lake, ILgenerously hosted THP’s 12th Annual Big Get Together on September 7th.  The celebration included an auction of Haitian art, dinner and live music.  The evening also provided an opportunity for THP to formally recognize Jimmy and Katie Sartino for their 13 years of dedicated service to THP (see page 6), as Deacon Patrick Moynihan honored their work with the Louverturian Award.  Other speakers at the event included Volunteer alumna andSt. Thomas parishioner, Meghan Gregus, and LCS Director of Community Outreach, Christina Moynihan, who spoke on the social importance of family. 


Talk About Language

By HPN Staff

In the last edition of Haitian Project news, THP initiated a discussion on language inHaiti.  That discussion continues – this time focusing on foreign language study and the numerous advantages of being multilingual.

THP spoke with four new members of the LCS community.  First year Volunteer, Natália Soares was raised inBraziland is a recent graduate ofProvidenceCollege.  Jean Roger Polidor (’06), who works in the Office of External Affairs, represents the alumni voice while fellow alumnus Jean Pénel Junior Syriaque (’05) offers his perspective as an LCS professor.  Obed Gilles (’09) encourages students in the Language of the Day program in his role as a member of the Junior Staff.  


A Louverturian Taking Inititative

Tara Kingsley (Volunteer)


Haendel Regnus (LCS 2008) credits Louverture Cleary School (LCS) with teaching him the meaning of leadership and tenacity through community programs like Netwayaj Deyo (neighborhood cleanup).  As an entrepreneur and bank teller, Regnus is still putting those Louverturian qualities to work.

Regnus discovered a passion for business and entrepreneurship at a young age while watching his mother making cookies at home and selling them on the street.  According to Regnus, “I knew entrepreneurship was my calling. I like to take risks and face new problems.  I enjoy a job where I can learn new skills every day.”



A Family for Haiti's Future

By Sunny-Dae Larson (Associate Director of Community Development)


While studying atBrownUniversity’s medical school, Nick Carter approached Drs. Edward Wing and Timothy Flanigan, a Haitian Project Board Member, about Brown’s efforts inHaiti.  As part of THP’s collaboration with the Brown Medical Exchange Program, THP welcomed Nick and Rachel Carter into the community at Louverture Cleary School (LCS) in 2011.


A bountiful Harvest

By Tim Scordato


In the late summer, Dekalb, IL is filled with rows of golden-tipped stalks swaying in the breeze.  Come fall, large combines will ride over the land and gather the yield.  Perhaps it is only natural that Fr. McMorrow, who was born and raised in DeKalb, also produces bountiful harvests.  Since his ordination to the priesthood, he has gathered an impressive group of supporters for The Haitian Project (THP) – first at St. John Neumann in 2005, then at Boylan Catholic High School in 2007, and now back home in DeKalb at Christ the Teacher (Northern Illinois University’s Newman Center).


Answering the Call

By Kaitlyn Guzik (In-Country Coordinator of Community Development)

“Knock and the door will be opened to you.” (Luke 11:9)   When it comes to this year’s in-country Volunteers, THP knocked and nine doors were opened.  From Brazil to Minnesota, this year’s group brings a diverse set of experiences and backgrounds to the table, including four Romance languages.  But all of the Volunteers have something in common: enthusiasm and the desire to give as a gift what they have received as a gift.

The oldest of seven children, Andrew Hyrzca, already knows a thing or two about living in community.  Andrew grew up near Pittsburgh, PA and attended the University of Notre Dame (ND), where he majored in English and cultivated a long-standing passion for US literature.  His high school varsity experience with soccer and basketball is already proving useful as he makes a name for himself out on the court.

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Building the Kingdom of God

By HPN Staff


This September, Jimmy and Katie (née Scordato) Sartino received the 2013 Louverturian Award at the 12th Annual Big Get Together inCrystal Lake,IL.  For the past 13 years, the Sartinos have demonstrated their commitment to the mission of The Haitian Project (THP) not only through direct support of the Project, but by living in accordance with its values.

Like the students at Louverture Cleary School (LCS), the Sartino’s five young children live, learn and work in the same place – the Sartinos’ home.  “They have a beautiful and bountiful home vegetable garden and a whole bunch of chickens and a rooster, which makes their yard sound a bit like the LCS campus,” says Volunteer alum and former THP staff member, Mary Jo LeGrand (née Scordato).  “… visiting their house reminds me of LCS not just because of the rooster, but because of the way they live their lives.”