Louverture Cleary student playing with a neighborhood child during the Timoun program.

Outreach in Haiti

Direct community outreach is one of many ways that The Haitian Project serves and improves our neighborhood in Santo. This takes place through a combination of actions such as providing clean water for our neighbors, creating job development and training programs, literacy programs, and providing schooling and care for the neighborhood children in addition to our 360 secondary students.

Our staff, students, and Volunteers and Louverture Cleary impact hundreds of people offering direct service to our neighborhood by providing their time and talent each day cleaning the neighborhood, translating at medical centers, tutoring through our literacy programs, and assisting with care at nearby orphanages. The motto of LCS is taken from Matthew 10:8, “What you receive for free, you must give for free." Not only will our students graduate to become doctors, lawyers, managers, teachers – future leaders for Haiti; they give back freely what they have received for free. From Sunday evening to Friday afternoon, our 360 students receive shelter, food and education, enabling them to provide hours of service activities to the community each day, including:

  • Translating for doctors at local hospitals. As a part of the regular curriculum at LCS, our students are taught in French, Kreyol, English, and Spanish and are fluent in all four languages when they graduate—making them excellent communicators in the business world and industries that serve others.
  • Providing support to local families by offering a day-long child development program. Through the Timoun Program, each day LCS serves 60 small children from the neighborhood ages 3 and up, providing breakfast, hot lunch, school lessons and structured play activities.
  • Rebuilding fallens houses in the neighborhood. With 360 students, voluntary work is the largest resource LCS students have to give at any given time.
  • Teaching afternoon literacy classes to over 70 children and adults in the neighborhood through our Ekòl Ankourajman (School of Encouragement) community education program. Without Ekòl Ankourajman, these Santo residents would have no access to education. 
  •  Visiting the Missionaries of Charity malnourishment hospital and orphanage, where they feed, play with and comfort the children as well as organize donated warehouse goods.