A Sound Investment

Newsletter issue: 
September 2014
News item date: 
Thursday, September 4, 2014

by Kaitlyn Guzik (Director of Community Development)


Patricia Christelle Alexandre (LCS '12) lives her pledge to give back to the fullest, finishing first in her l'Universite de Notre Dame d'Haiti medical school class for the second straight year.

      Patricia Christelle Alexandre (LCS '12) is at the top of her class at l'Universite de Notre Dame d'Haiti's medical school - for the second year running.  Alexandre credits her years at The Haitian Project's Louverture Cleary School for giving her the tools to excel as she prepares to serve her country as a doctor.

      Alexandre explains, "As Deacon Moynihan [THP President and Head of LCS] always taught us, the best way to show love for my family and my country is to work hard for them."  By providing her with an education, THP not only changed Alexandre's life, but also the lives of all those who will benefit from her care and example. 

      Upon graduation, Alexandre was awarded a university scholarship through THP's Office of External Affairs.  The investment is already paying off - Alexandre's exceptional performance qualified her for free tuition asistance from UNDH, allowing THP to reallocate her scholarships to other graduates.  THP's ultimate goal is to assist half of each graduating class with university scholarships, knowing that others, like Alexandre, will find support from other sources.

      Dr. Theony Deshommes, LCS class of 2003, is another beneficiary of THP's university scholarship program.  While he waits for his residency to begin Deshommes splits his time between volunteering at Hopital Chancerelles maternity ward and LCS, where he provides medical outreach support.  Dr. Deshommes is also an Assistant Professor of Practical Biology at UNDH, where he recently had Alexandre in class.  The class uses several English videos and it falls to Deshommes to interpret the content.  When he recognized Alexandre, he knew he could call on her to take on the translation.  "Patricia is very smart.  I knew she could handle it - she is a Louverturian."

      Alexandre knows that the motto of LCS is just as applicable to her university studies as it was during her time at LCS, "When I graduate, I know that I must give back what I am learning now, without caring for what I receive in return."