“...Teach people to fish and share their catch, and you will feed the world.”

Volunteer Introduction

The Haitian Project continuously recruits and cultivates volunteers who fully embrace our mission and charism so that they may continue to inspire our community, both in the US and in Haiti, and serve as examples of service to others. Such volunteers include our long-term Volunteers at Louverture-Cleary School as well as dedicated volunteers in the U.S. who help with operational needs.  

Each year The Haitian Project sends 8–12 volunteers to Haiti to teach at its tuition free, Catholic boarding school (grades 7-13). Volunteers also work to continue to strengthen the school’s community service and empowerment programs.

The Haitian Project has benefited greatly from more than 60 Volunteers from a variety of disciplines over the past 13 years.  These Volunteers have taught subjects like English, sciences, math, religion, and computers, along with forming programs that focus on care for the environment, community outreach, and economic development in Haiti.  Our Volunteers have also been an important part of the physical construction and maintenance of the school as it continues to expand.  

What makes a good Volunteer?

Successful Volunteers are compassionate, sharp, and flexible with a strong work ethic and a joyful personality. Volunteers must be respectful of authority and sensitive to the needs of others. The Haitian Project seeks candidates whose main motives are volunteerism and the principles of Catholic social teaching. A background or degree in education is not required to apply for the Volunteer position. Volunteers in the past have specialized in math, science, engineering, social work, language, and the humanities. We seek individuals with a wide variety of skills and a strong commitment to serving others.

Without a doubt, our Volunteers are an essential part of our mission and serve as an important example to our students of what it means to give back for free what has been received for free (Matthew 10:8).

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