Volunteer in the U.S.

There are many ways to get involved at home or in our office! If you are interested in volunteering with The Haitian Project, contact us. Here some ways to get involved:

5 GREAT Ways for You, Your Parish, and Your Friends to Get Connected

  • Invite The Haitian Project to speak to your community or parish
  • Host a “Haitian Coffee” or a small gathering in your home to teach others about THP
  • Volunteer your time or offer your professional skills in the Providence office
  • Organize a Rag-a-Muffin sale at your parish, school, or in your home
  • Provide financial support

5 GREAT Ways for Your School to Get Connected

  • The Penny Campaign - Great for elementary schools, this program teaches children about stewardship and using our resources to care for the world.
  • Lunchtime Exchange- Students give up their school lunch to eat rice and beans – the meal of so many developing countries. The money saved by the students is donated to the Haitian Project.
  • Dress Down days - These are a great and simple fund raiser – easy to organize, these days can be a great way for students to learn about Haiti.
  • The “Non-Prom” - Students in the U.S. typically spend hundreds of dollars each on prom weekend. The price-tag for a school prom is typically in the tens of thousands of dollars. A "Non Prom" creates a perfect opportunity for students to have a blast AND make a difference by contributing money saved to The Haitian Project.
  • The Hunger Fast - This is a powerful way for high school students and adults to learn about the developing world firsthand by giving up food with a simple juice fast for 24 hours. Schools and parishes have been very successful in raising money and awareness for Haiti this way.


To find out more about The Haitian Project and learn how you can help us with our current needs, contact the Office of Development:

Phone: (401) 351-3624