December 2007

6eme student Stevens Louis works in the LCS computer lab, where students have the opportunity to work on computers donated by local and international supporters. Since coming to LCS, Louis has had access to computers for the first time in his life; during his time at LCS, he will learn basic skills from turning a computer on to more complex programs like Microsoft Excel.

Mission Trips Take LCS by Storm

Two stellar mission groups from the U.S. came down to Haiti this fall and worked side-by-side with LCS students on various projects. St. Bernard’s Parish in Rhode Island sent down six phenomenal volunteers for a weeklong trip in October that left the school with a beautiful new mural, 2 new basketball hoops and 340 students speaking English with Rhode Island accents! (What Row Dilund aksint?) Then in November, our community was joined once again by eight hardworking members of the annual mission trip from LCS’s sister school, Bishop Ireton in Arlington, VA. BI students led the first ever retreat for LCS students, a Salesian retreat that focused on community building. THP is indeed blessed to have such dedicated communities.


THP Volunteer Nicky Harter stands with Philo student Shella Misere before going to their morning classes

My name is Nicky Harter and I have the privilege of volunteering at Louverture Cleary School this year. Already I have had the opportunity to gain new experiences and to grow closer to God through service. Each day is filled with teaching, working, and the occasional bit of craziness! I especially enjoy getting to know the staff and students here, and the new perspectives and insights on life that I have experienced through them.

Christmas time means the celebration of the birth of Jesus. It is a time of reconciliation and happiness when every person shares whatever they have. In Haiti, Christmas time means a celebration of peace and love. People have a custom to take out old things and replace them with the new. It is a time for all persons, rich or poor, to make good food, prepare cake and drink. We begin celebrating the day of Jesus’s birth on December 24th and have celebrations each night until January 1st which is our Independence Day celebration. People in Haiti are very joyful celebrating Christmas.

Volunteer Sue Ralph works with Mary Jo Dunne, THP Director of Community Development, on organizing and displaying LCS greeting cards for upcoming THP events.

Although Sue Ralph claims she has never considered opening her own Hallmark store, she certainly has convinced the Rockford community and The Haitian Project that she is capable of doing just that! And it all started while writing a note to Elizabeth O’Connell on Holy Family School’s stationary, the cover of which was designed by Sue’s daughter Morgan.

“As I was writing a note to Elizabeth I thought, ‘Why can’t LCS do this?’ So in the note I included the idea and we went with it.” The idea Sue is referring to is the LCS Greeting Card program, which debuted at the annual THP Big Get Together in Rockford this year. Sue worked with Elizabeth O’Connell, former LCS volunteer and THP staff member, and THP Director of Community Development Mary Jo Dunne, who was an LCS volunteer at at that time. “Mary Jo worked with students at the school to come up with and draw the designs and then Elizabeth and I put the cards together,” Sue says of the program. “It was a great opportunity to let the students use their artistic talents to express their love of LCS and THP.”