September 2008

When Given Opportunity

Dr. Bélimaire Emmanuel

After graduating from Louverture Cleary in 2000, Bélimaire Emmanuel competed with 3,000 applicants to gain a seat in the Faculté de Medecine et de Pharmacie, the national medical university of Haiti located in Port-au-Prince. Less than 4% of the applicants were admitted - he was one of the successful 100! Today, Doctor Emmanuel is the medical director at the Doctors Without Borders’ Center for Rehabilitation in Port-au-Prince. Fifteen years after entering the gates of LCS, he now treats infections, diabetes, lacerations, gunshot wounds and other medical afflictions. He is one of the five doctors LCS has produced—a number that is likely to grow rapidly over the coming years, as there are currently 15 LCS grads in medical school.

Highlights September 2008

Sellers Score Big:

The Madeleine Parish garage sale in Oregon did it again this July – with a 194% increase in funds raised in just five years! Madeleine Parish has raised the bar every year and exceeded expectations. Cheers to Sally Kirchoff, Evelyn Couser, Sandra Turner, Jack Talbott and the Madeleine Parish gang! Karen Hill of Second Congregational Church in Rockford is also no rookie to the rummage sale. With the help of fellow parishioners and Eileen Altenhoff, Hill raised funds, too. Great job sellers of the Midwest and West Coast!

Turn the Page

Tom Stein
President Tom Stein welcomes LCS students on the first day of school

In September of 2002, LCS welcomed two sections of incoming sizyem (7th grade) students to officially begin the doubling of the school. Since then, each incoming class has been comprised of two sections of 25 to 30 individuals, allowing LCS to house, feed and educate twice the amount of students. With the incoming class of 2009, every level from sizyem to philo (13th grade) has dual sections, completing the doubling process! In June of 2009, the sizyem students from 2002 will graduate ... the largest graduating class ever! Fifty-six students of this first double-sectioned class will become proud LCS alumni. “Doubling the school doubles our impact on Haiti’s future. It was the right move. Thanks to God, we had all the hands it took to make it happen,” said THP President Emeritus Patrick Moynihan.

Fixtures in Achievement

by Elizabeth O’Connell

When it comes to achievement, LCS students, staff and volunteers have hit the mark on many levels over the course of several years. In the past, this September issue of The Haitian Project News has been filled with stories of accomplishments to celebrate—expansion in class size, success stories of national exam results, reaching equality in enrollment for girls and boys, and new developments in community service programs offered by LCS students to area residents. These accomplishments have become fixtures in the school’s makeup. Thanks to the relentless support and hard work of the Haitian Project Community in the U.S. and Haiti, LCS faculty and students, and our dedicated volunteers, LCS does more and operates at a higher level each year.


Beyond Bricks and Mortar: Completing the Mission

By Christina Crow and HP News Staff

Thanks to the generosity and support of many individuals and organizations and the hard work of staff, students and volunteers and a lot of masons, The Haitian Project completed an aggressive building campaign over the past eight years to double the capacity of Louverture Cleary School. Now, LCS is able to house, educate and feed approximately 350 future leaders! Since THP’s mission is to create leaders among Haitian youth to rebuild their country—more is definitely better. The challenge now is to make sure LCS grads have ample opportunity to continue their education at the university level and to find meaningful employment. With twice the graduates, the challenge has doubled. To meet this challenge THP has embarked on number of partnerships and funding drives to create several in-house scholarship programs. The first official university scholarship program began in 1998 with the Shelburne Falls Work Study Grant. Fr. John Roach and the parishioners of St. Joseph Parish in Shelburne Falls, Mass. have raised funds annually for a decade to provide scholarship and work-study positions on the LCS staff for graduates. The program produces a double benefit: dedicated and enthusiastic employees for LCS and scholarship opportunities for three to four grads at time.


In Loving Memory

By Tim Scordato

On April 8th, 2008, the THP Board voted to establish a scholarship in Ace and Audrey Mullen’s names. A veteran volunteer, THP Board member, Academic Committee member (including serving as Committee Chair) and loving spirit, Ace was a tremendous asset to The Project and friend to all in our community for over a decade.

Shortly after the decision to establish the scholarship was made, the benevolent man from Chesapeake, Virginia passed away. “Ace touched a lot of people,” said Patrick Moynihan. “We can see by the response from those who have donated to the scholarship.”


Family Business

Vincent “Vin” Buonanno, Chairman and CEO of Tempel Steel Company in Chicago, IL and his wife, Linda Smith Buonanno, have been supporters of The Haitian Project for more than a decade. During that time, the Buonannos’ generosity has helped make two capital campaigns a success and has provided annual support for LCS’s operation.


Volunteer Viewpoint September 2008

By Nicky Harter

2008-2009 volunteer teachers Kristen Laboe, Laura Gelsthorpe, John DiTillo and Nicky Harter

My name is Nicky Harter and I am the 2008-2009 Campus Minister for Louverture Cleary School. I am originally from Decatur, Illinois and graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in Music Education. My first year after graduating was spent as a volunteer in Baltimore, MD with Mercy Volunteer Corps and last year I was a volunteer with The Haitian Project. I am excited to be spending another year on campus here serving the staff and students of Louverture Cleary School. This year we have three wonderful volunteers who are very excited about the year that lies ahead of them.


Awarded for Service

Each year, The Haitian Project acknowledges the work of individuals who put their passion for Haiti and the students of Louverture Cleary School into action with the Volunteer of the Year Award. This year, The Haitian Project has selected two volunteers who are using their God-given talents to make a difference in the lives of the students at Louverture Cleary School and ultimately, the country of Haiti.