December 2009

Routing Trash on 3


Corey Paulino and James Coqmard shoveling the trash off the side of Route National 3

Route National 3 is one of four national highways in Haiti. Its significance in bridging the country’s capital, Port au Prince, to the neighboring Dominican Republic makes this paved roadway a highly traveled route. With a large amount of traffic comes a high volume of roadside debris. Towards one end of this highway is our home, Santo 5 in Croix des Bouquets. Due to the road’s close proximity and national significance, Louverture Cleary has given Louverturians a new task during netawaje (cleaning hour): the cleaning and maintenance of three miles of Route National 3.


Muy Caliente!

Thank you THP supporters Susan Prince and Alan Bosworth for spicing up the night Nov. 3 with a Latin themed dinner in support of THP. A big thanks goes out to those who volunteered their time and talent, such as Donna Staub and Rice Drewry for providing the live music and Barbara Fuggett for leading the group in some Latin line-dancing. About 50 people, including Christina Moynihan (THP President’s wife) showed up that Tuesday in support of the students of Louverture Cleary. Everything was donated, including the space and food, which Bosworth graciously supplied at his restaurant, Café Olé. Over $2,500 was raised thanks to all who chipped in.


Christina Moynihan with children from the neighborhood.

Christina Moynihan, wife of THP President Deacon Patrick Moynihan, has always had a heart for serving children. While her husband focuses on Louverture Cleary School, Christina makes community outreach outside the gates her main priority. Here at LCS, a lot of effort and resources are put into our students; Christina continues to remind the school leadership how this effort must be partnered with giving back to the surrounding community.


At this time when visions of techno-fairies dance in our heads sporting the newest innovation in media players, it is easy to forget that the best gifts are in fact the simple acts of kindness that we can do personally for one another. I was reminded of this the other day.


David & Mairead Finn with their children Gabrielle, Regina, and Vivienne

From 1990 to 1995, THP President Patrick Moynihan traded physical commodities and futures and options for Louis Dreyfus, a French trading company with several trading groups in the US. One of those groups is Allenberg Cotton Company in Memphis, TN where Moynihan was transferred in 1992. It was there that he developed a friendship with co-worker David Finn—a relationship that has turned into a partnership to rebuild a nation.


Director of Community Development Elizabeth O'Connell meets her former student Garly Joseph at the airport.

In 2004, Garly Joseph completed her seven-year formation at Louverture Cleary School and left her mark as an assertive, persistent, caring, service-oriented woman. Now when travelers to LCS arrive at the Toussaint Louverture International Airport after a long journey to Haiti, they may be warmly greeted by that same passionate woman and be touched by LCS’s mission and charism before even leaving the airport, where Garly now works for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.



I eagerly look forward to the time each day when classes and community work are over and the campus comes alive with the sounds of uninhibited play!  Each day at about 4:30 p.m., children launch themselves far above the cares of the world into the stratosphere of glee.  The only activities allowed at this altitude are soccer, basketball, cards, dominoes, and jumping rope!  No books or shovels allowed.



Elizabeth Louisma (LCS Student) and Jon Kennedy (LCS Volunteer) sort through trash collected from the streets to find bottles for recycling.

Bonjou! My name is Jonathan Kennedy. I graduated from the University of Notre Dame last year with a degree in Political Science and Peace Studies. At LCS, I teach English and American Literature to the oldest students (Rheto and Philo) as well as a gym to Katriyem (9th grade). I am also in charge of the plastic recycling program. So, when I’m not teaching, my thoughts generally center on one thing: Tampico bottles. 



Elizabeth Louisma (LCS Student) and Jon Kennedy (LCS Volunteer) sort through trash collected from the streets to find bottles for recycling.

My name is Elisabeth Louisma. I am a Philo student, in the oldest class, and I would like to share with you what it means to me to be a student at LCS. Being a Louverturian not only means being educated at LCS. It’s more than that. At Louverture Cleary, we work hard every day to see our dream of rebuilding Haiti come true! Living in a community based on respect and love, work and education, we strive to make this happen.



Steve Holmes (in pit) and daughter Hayley (far right) dig a new metal pit with mission trippers from Portland, OR.

Don’t be fooled by the easy smiles and Portland charm of Steve Holmes—he’s not your ordinary laid-back, middle-aged family man. Most family men don’t see the point of traveling 3,400 miles to speak with our students face-to-face and witness their fundraising dollars at work. But Holmes’ explains his actions by saying, “I thought it might help empower my children and me to do more.”