June 2007

A few of the Philo class graduates gather in front of the mural created by St. Joseph’s of Newport, RI mission group.

The young men and women of Class Vega (the brightest star in star cluster Lyre) will enter the LCS gates as students one last time on June 9th. The Class of 2007 has successfully met the challenge offered them as students of LCS to grow spiritually, academically, and in awareness of their personal responsibility for themselves and for others.

Builders of Hope

In a country with an 80% unemployment rate, LCS graduates are plunging forward in colleges, universities and in the work place; each adding their own bricks to rebuild Haiti. In 2007, 8 out of 10 of our alumni are now serving as managers, teachers and business representatives, or are continuing their professional studies. The remaining 20% of these graduates are in pursuit of other opportunities. Among the LCS alumni currently in university, 15 are studying medicine. To learn more about supporting our LCS graduates in university, contact the THP Office of Development at 815-484-8623.

Elizabeth O’Connell (Director of Community Development) pictured with then President and current Special Advisor Patrick Moynihan, 2005 Graduate Esaie Paul, and Board Member Patrick Brun.

Elizabeth O’Connell leaves her post as Director of Community Development

The Haitian Project community extends a big “Thank You!” to Elizabeth O’Connell as she hands over THP Community Development to Mary Jo Dunne, a current THP Volunteer from Chicago, IL. After five years with THP dedicated to the advancement of the community spirit of THP/LCS, O’Connell will finally resume her academic studies when she begins her Masters in Social Work in July at Loyola University Chicago. “I have worked with countless mentors at THP who have stretched my abilities and equipped me with vast knowledge and insight,” says O’Connell. “I anticipate returning to the classroom and gaining new experiences through my social work field placement, but I’m convinced that no education will compare to the one I have already received from my much admired Haitian Project community.”

Marielle Laprès and Gena Robinson

Just the other day, I received an invitation for a high school reunion. It is hard to believe that I should be ready to start attending reunions. It is even more difficult for me to believe that the LCS Philo students that I met ten months ago are preparing to graduate and embark on their own endeavors.

As a Catholic community and institution, LCS has strict rules so the students can grow intellectually and become important citizens of Haiti. We have mass every two weeks and the students enjoy praying to God to keep our school excellent. We cleanup our school each afternoon and have work hour to keep our environment clean. Our community service at the Missionaries of Charity Hospital is a program to help kids who are very sick.

Students at Boylan Central Catholic High School in Rockford, IL

As we celebrate the graduation of Louverture Cleary students in the Class of 2007, we also celebrate the continuing success of young students in high schools and elementary schools throughout the United States that continue in solidarity to support our LCS students.