June 2009

Soldiers for the Future of Haiti

Two LCS Scholarship Recipients, Pierre Carlos Lucio and Laguerre Gesline, are honored to stand with school administration in front of their fellow graduates.

This year’s 44 graduates of Class Perenne-Apex became the first double-section class to graduate from LCS. The Class of 2009 joins the Class of 1995, the first class to graduate, the Class of 2003, the first class to be formed for seven years in the mission to give as a gift what you receive as gift, and the Class of 2008, the last single-sectioned class to graduate—all historic markers in the Project’s progress. Graduation from secondary school in Haiti is uncommon enough, but this year is extra special given the jump in numbers.


Thanks to the Many

In response to the Easter article “The Seed of Invention,” Charlie Wharton wrote, “Thank you for the flattering article [Mar. 2009] on me as a person committed to THP. It goes without saying that there were far too many people to name, who gave substantially of their time, treasure, and talent during the early days. THP would not have survived if we had not been a committed and cohesive team. The idea behind LCS as a mission was a collective decision made by the Board, with valuable input and advice from our in-country volunteers.”

Double Thanks, Double Gifts & Double Graduates

The greatest thanks we can offer for your support is the gratitude and hard work of our students. During their seven years at the school, LCS students do an amazing amount of service, including maintaining the school, cleaning the neighborhood and teaching children from “zone” how to read, write and do mathematics. As alumni, they continue to serve in a broad array of ways, including tutoring secondary students and peers, serving in non-profit organizations, and providing financial support to their siblings from their earnings. LCS students not only say “Thanks” in their words; they say it again with their actions. This “Double Thanks” makes your support do double the good.

Volunteers: No Exit Strategy

THP’s Development Committee now counts five former year-long volunteers among its members: Mary Jo [Scordato] LeGrand (Committee Chair and THP Board member), Aimée Maier, Mary Jo Dunne, Elizabeth O’Connell, and me, Patrick McCorry.

Since finishing our volunteer years at LCS, the five of us have enjoyed a variety of work, school, and family experiences, and it’s our hope that these experiences and the contacts we’ve made will help in our contributions to the Development Committee.

Climbing the Ladder of Success

Distinguished LCS graduate, Salomon Asmath

Since May 11, 1998, Louverture Cleary Alum Salomon Asmath has been an employed, working member of society fighting for the future of Haiti. After graduating from LCS and passing his baccalaureate exam, he quickly found himself showcasing windows and doors in the largest manufacturing company in Haiti, Etablissement Raymond Flambert (ERF). Sandra Larco, one of the owners of ERF and an early supporter of LCS work placement efforts, was the first to offer jobs and internships to LCS graduates.

Student View

My name is Jules Jean Anold, and I am a Rhéto student. After my primary education, my father seized the opportunity that had been offered to take the exam to enter LCS. I passed the exam with great success and have been at LCS for six years. The reason why I came to LCS is because I wanted to acquire more knowledge and be well-educated. When those two objectives are accomplished, I will use them to help my family, my country, and others who really need my help and my support.

Volunteer View

On Saturday, May 9th, 455 nervous students flooded through the school gates and crowded into classrooms to vie for the chance to be one of LCS’s next 60 Sixième students. They sat down, wiping sweaty palms on shirt fronts and exhaling loudly in mental preparation. These were 12-year-old kids who knew the stakes; lives can be changed by education.