June 2010

A New Journey Begins


THP President Patrick Moynihan and new LCS graduate Stécy Naika

The Louverture Cleary Class of 2010 made a particularly appropriate choice this year in choosing their class name, Odyssey. Truly their seven years at LCS have been just that. In their first year at LCS, the government fell, submerging Haiti into chaos. In their final year, the January 12th earthquake once again threw Haiti into chaos—this time with unimaginable death and destruction. Perhaps because of the great national challenges that this class experienced as Louverture Cleary students, their graduation on June 5 was an especially joyful celebration of the many accomplishments of these young men and women. 



Jill Warner (back right) seated next to her husband Jim on their first trip to Haiti with fellow travelers. Fr. Max Striedl (middle left) remembers, "Jill had a deep love for the Lord and doing His work." Both had a real strong tug to be there."

It seems to happen frequently on Mission Trips to Haiti that we are called to serve in ways that we may not have expected. At the end of the week, joy is present because all have given in some way. For some, that joy takes root deep in the heart and inspires years of service.