September 2007

Natacha Dubois Verly, new Director of Operations, Haiti, and Principal Pierre Paul Hubert on opening day of school.

Louverture Cleary School’s twenty-first year began on September 10th when classes opened for 340 students – once again our largest student body ever! Continuing a ten year span of growth, sixty new sizyeme (7th grade) students are beginning their journey to becoming Louverturians.

The Holy Spirit Leads Portland – Again!

In her own words, Sally Kirchoff, THP Board member and Madeleine parishioner in Portland, Oregon, describes her parish’s once again very successful annual garage sale to benefit THP: “Through the Holy Spirit’s gifts sent us both in personnel time and efforts of many people and in donated items, The Madeleine Parish was able to raise significant funds this year for The Haitian Project. It was a project of love for us all. We thank the entire THP family for their prayers, which allowed this miracle to happen. Our local THP members were so amazing in responding to needs that came up this year and make it such a joy to be a part of the Madeleine community and its THP outreach.” This was the sixth annual Madeleine Parish garage sale held to benefit THP.


007 LCS Volunteers: Nicky Harter, Cathy Setzler, Sarah L’Heureux,and Krystal Brenner, standing with Campus Minister John McLaughlin.

John McLaughlin, an LCS volunteer teacher last year from Dixon, IL, returned to the school as a staff member serving as Campus Minister. Four new volunteers at LCS this year include: Krystal Brenner, lead volunteer, from Brookfield MA, a graduate of Seton Hall University; Nicky Harter, from Decatur, IL, a graduate of University of Illinois-Champaign; Sarah L’ Heureux, a native Rhode Islander, currently of Rockford, IL, a graduate of Mount Mary College; and Cathy Setzler, from Fremont Ohio, a graduate of Baldwin-Wallace College.

2007 LCS Volunteers: Nicky Harter, Cathy Setzler, Sarah L'Heureux, and Krystal Brenner standing with Campus Minister John McLaughlin

Beginning in 2002, I accompanied my Dad on short term volunteer missions to northern Haiti. Overwhelmed by the poverty stricken conditions and lack of opportunity for the Haitian people, I knew five years ago this country would change my life. Feeling unsatisfied with the brief periods of the volunteer trips, I was ready to make a longer commitment to really know Haiti, the people, and the culture.

Bylardo Samson working with other LCS students on the debate team.

I entered LCS in 2002. In that moment, the country was in crisis—social crisis, economic crisis and political crisis. I came to this school because my parents wanted to send me to a school in a secure area. I was selected by my grammar school, as one of its best students, to come and take the test at LCS. When I first came to LCS, our principal told me, “You are not a baby anymore, you are a responsible person once you are here.”

THP President Reese Grondin; Mary Jo (Scordato) LeGrand, award recipient, with daughter Maria; and THP Director of Community Development Mary Jo Dunne, at the Sept. 7th Big Get Together in Rockford, IL.

In April, Louverture Cleary School celebrated its twentieth anniversary. For the past two decades, LCS has been educating students, changing lives and giving hope to the people of Haiti. Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, the leadership of the Board and Staff, and the dedication and commitment of the entire Haitian Project community, much has been accomplished.