September 2010


Alumni Take Charge

by Elizabeth O'Connell

New LCS Principal Emmanuel Zamy, Deacon Moynihan and the students of LCS charge forward to a new school year.

Rooted. Stable. Stronger. These are words that we hear around Louverture Cleary School’s campus at the opening of another school year. In the past year, we indeed met our challenges with fortitude and completed the school year in July despite the obstacles created by the January 12th earthquake. And on September 13th, school began on track with our mission to serve propelling us forward. All thanks to God’s grace and the support of a committed community. 


Highlights September 2010

Renovation Campaign Underway!

We have begun our Renovation Campaign to fund the rehabilitation of several major structures on campus that were damaged in the January 12th earthquake. The campaign will also fund improvements to the quality of life for the Louverture Cleary School community and neighborhood – increasing our supply of clean drinking water and continuing to repair our neighbors’ homes. We are proud to say that this campaign will allow us to hire skilled workers from the local community and provide specialized training to additional workers, developing life skills to use for future employment. If you are interested in supporting the campaign, please contact our Development Office at or 815-484-8623


Back for More

by Mary Jo LeGrand

Patrick McCorry sitting with Ace Mullen on campus in 2001

Patrick McCorry has steadily shared his time, intelligence, and resources with THP since his year as a THP Volunteer in 2000-01. To recognize this decade of dedication, we are excited to announce that Patrick will receive the Volunteers’ Volunteer of the Year award this September. Congratulations are also in order for Patrick on his recent marriage to Erin Lafler! 


Natural Born Leader

by Jon Kennedy

Mackenzie (right) speaks with a resident of the Petionville Club Camp who is digging a drainage canal as part of the Cash for Work program.

Growing up in the shadow of Ohio State and Notre Dame Football, September has always held a special place in my heart.  This September, instead of watching college football in the comforts of the Midwest, I am returning to The Haitian Project in a new role – Director of the Office of External Affairs, having been a Volunteer Rheto and Philo English Teacher last year.  


Volunteer View: John DiTillo

by John DiTillo

2010-2011 Volunteers cleaning up the campus before the start of the new school year

September brings a new academic year and a fresh Volunteers corps to LCS. The past few weeks have been an important time for us to get to know one another, to learn the ropes from our new friends on the Haitian Junior Staff, and to come together as a community. Haiti is a challenging place, but the enthusiasm and resiliency among my peers is inspiring as they take on work projects, learn Kreyol, and settle into their LCS lives. We come from diverse backgrounds, but we have made the choice to be here together in the same boat for the same mission. It is my honor to introduce this year's Volunteers to the greater THP community.


Homeward Bound

by Tim Scordato

Kurt Daviscourt (left) answers students' questions about earthquakes and their effects on buildings.

After the earthquake, many people in Haiti were afraid to re-enter their standing homes. Instead, they camped in their yards or in the street in pup tents and makeshift canopies strung from trees. The tarps strewn about flapped in the wind like distress flags signaling, “Here is a family that wants to go back inside, but just can’t.” Understandably, they wanted assurances. Afterall, the house next door was flat.

“It was easy to see that the fastest way to get a lot of people out of the camps and streets was to send ‘house doctors’ to check out the houses that did not fall, but may have cracked a bit,” remembers THP President, Deacon Patrick Moynihan. “We knew just who to call.”