December 2010


A Full Recovery Fund

by Tim Scordato

With money from the Recovery Fund, THP hired local construction workers to rebuild the school's perimeter walls.

We did it! In June, The Haitian Project’s Board of Directors approved the “Building Stronger to Serve Better” Renovation Campaign to support the rehabilitation of several major structures on the Louverture Cleary School campus and improve the quality of life in the school’s neighborhood.


Highlights December 2010

A Big Sum of Clams

October saw another successful – the most successful yet! – annual THP Clambake.  The evening culminated in recognizing former THP Board Chair and now Honorary Trustee, Doug Gray. Doug has lent his support and legal skills to THP for over 15 years.  He and his wife, Wendy, have put tremendous energy into building the event into a great success. Many thanks also go to our local staff and THP Board Members Pat Newell and Al Hall, and Honorary Trustee Richard Ratcliffe.  One hundred and fifty people were in attendence – affirming the importance of our regional events.


A Village to Raise a Child

by Rebecca Finney (THP Volunteer)

The journey that led to LCS’s Timoun Program is an inspiring one. One year ago, Christina Moynihan, or “Mom,” as she is lovingly called by the children in the school’s neighborhood, started an afternoon lunch program for children to come and eat a hot meal, play and learn. The program might have remained just so if it had not been for the events of January 12.


Beyond Relief

by Tim Scordato

Within fifteen days of the earthquake, ports had become crowded with international non governmental organizations (NGOs) hustling large metal cargo bins full of food and supplies off the docks and into the cities and villages of Haiti. The streets were crowded with international aid workers from the United States to Japan, making it almost impossible to drive to the local market. In March, an international donors’ conference met and pledged for Haiti’s relief, recovery and reconstruction. 


I Need a Hero

by Tim Scordato

Dr. Jhonny Féquière treats a cholera patient a L’Hopital Claire Heureuse

How does one recognize a hero? It’s not always as easy as pointing to the protagonist in a Disney movie or circling the man in the red cape. Sometimes heroes don’t receive any recognition at all. But they are always easy to identify by those they save. 

Long before Anderson Cooper spoke a word about the suffering, dying and helplessness in Haiti from the January earthquake and recent cholera outbreak, and before the public eye cast its spotlight on the country, a young Haitian boy sat at his desk at his new school in Santo 5 and wondered what he wanted to be when he grew up - a simple thought that would spark a sequence of significant events.


Volunteer View: Dan McDonald

Volunteer Dan McDonald teaching THP President's son Robert Moynihan how to block.

My name is Dan McDonald, and I am a first-year Volunteer with The Haitian Project.  I graduated from the University of Notre Dame in May with a degree in Political Science and a minor in the Philosophy, Politics and Economics interdisciplinary program. Here at Louverture Cleary, I teach English to Sekond (11th grade) and Rheto (12th grade) and sport class to Katriyem (9th grade) and Sekond. I am also a part-time boxing coach for the men of the Moynihan family. Boxing has only ever been a fun way to stay in shape for me, but I am gaining a great deal of satisfaction from teaching students at LCS to fight in other more important ways, even as I learn from their example.


Student View: Cleefton Sime

Sixieme classe student Cleefton Sime

My name is Cleefton Sime. I am a student at Louverture Cleary. I am in Sixieme classe (7th Grade), and I am fourteen years old. I live in Shada in Port-au-Prince, Haiti with my mother and my sister, Daphmica. I don’t have a father because my father died when I was eleven years old.


Learning to Lead Like Jesus

by Tim Scordato

Dick Kunnert (center) teaching the Lead Like Jesus program to management staff at LCS.

During the summer of Dick Kunnert’s first trip to Louverture Cleary School in 2003, he attended a “Lead Like Jesus” Encounter with his friend Owen Phelps, a consultant on the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops Communication Committee. Dick was inspired by the life and leadership lessons he learned from the speaker who identified Jesus as the best leader in history. He was very moved by the idea of servant leadership and recognized the powerful effect it had. A teacher at heart, he was inspired to spread his new-found knowledge and worked to become certified to teach the program. LCS was one of his destinations.