March 2011

A Day in the Life of a Louverturian

by Jon Kennedy

Eight o’clock in the morning is when most jobs begin in the United States. Here at LCS, however, things work a bit differently. By 8:00 a.m., the 11 year-old to 19 year-old LCS students have already accomplished the following: showered, cleaned their dorms, eaten breakfast, attended a small group meeting (led by Rheto [12th Grade] and Philo [13th Grade] students), attended the 1st period of class, read the gospel in the language of the day, sang the Dessalinienne – the national anthem of Haiti – and raised the Haitian, US, and LCS flags. By 8:00 a.m. the students have already started 2nd period in what will likely be a busy, and very productive, day. 


Rebuilding on Campus: Thanks to the THP community’s generous support of the successful Renovation Campaign for rebuilding and improving our campus and neighborhood, we began seismic repairs in January on our school buildings. Claire-Heureuse, a three-story dormitory for 90 girls, is half done. Thanks to the backbreaking work of our masons and students and the excellent plans developed by THP’s Facilities Committee, chaired by architect and Board Member, Scott Hill, the west end and middle walls are installed. The excitement to rebuild is resounded by our students, who ask daily, “When is it our turn. Can we pour cement today?” 


by Elissa Kergosien

LCS ’02 graduate Esther Paul keeps the school
running like a top as Director of Operations.

Day to day operations at Louverture Cleary require a top-notch chief of operations. The talented and capable Esther Paul fills that role as the In-Country Director of Operations for THP/LCS.

After graduating from LCS in 2002, the Office of External Affairs connected Esther with an accounting job at Manutech, a local magnetics manufacturing company.  While working, she continued to study accounting, graduated from university and was later asked to come back and join the LCS staff in 2007.  She quickly moved up to LCS’s Head of Purchasing and Accounting in 2009 and was promoted to Director of Operations in 2010.


by Tim Scordato

Newly elected THP board Member Dean Reineking with his wife Cathy, former Board Member, and kids Jessica, Dean Jr., and Jonathan.

In 1995, THP President Patrick Moynihan, then a futures and options trader for Louis Dreyfus Corp., participated in a Cursillo retreat in Memphis, TN. The purpose of the retreat was to grow in spirituality. Serendipitously, Patrick found someone else to share in that same purpose, even after the retreat.

Dean Reineking, Senior Vice President for FTN Financial Securities Corp, was on the same retreat that weekend. He and Patrick naturally felt pulled to one another in friendship, the same pull that would unite Dean’s wife Cathy and Christina Moynihan. The Reinekings and Moynihans both shared a desire to participate in the Church’s mission to serve the poor. Possibly on account of them being young parents themselves, that interest often involved working with families and young children in the community.


9th and 10th grade teacher Laura Borgenheimer answers a grammar question from one of her students.

My name is Laura, and I’m a first year Volunteer at LCS. I teach Literature, Health and English grammar to the Katryem and Twasyem students (9th and 10th graders). I really enjoy working with this age level; my students are old enough to understand most of what I say, but are still young enough to enjoy books like Charlotte’s Web and James and the Giant Peach.


10th grade student Scheltina Bernier takes a moment from her busy schedule to visit one of LCS’s student-maintained gardens.

Hello, my name is Scheltina Bernier, and I am a Twasyem student in my fourth year here at Louverture Cleary School. I came to LCS in the fall of 2007. I have a brother here who is one year younger than I am. His name is Ronaldo, and he knew about the school because I was here. I am happy that my brother is at school with me.


by Tim Scordato


Former Haitian Alliance Club member and Bishop Ireton student Emily Marquet (front right) helped co-direct A Midsummer Night’s Dream at LCS in November of 2010.

The Butterfly Effect states that a small change can cause a series of chain reactions that could cause large effects somewhere else in that system. For example, if a butterfly flaps its wings in Australia, it could cause 10 inches of snow in Boston. That seems like a bit of an exaggeration, but in the same vein, the exceptional relationship that LCS now shares with its sister school, Bishop Ireton, arose from a sequence of smaller events.