Community Update: Beton and Basketball


Bottom Left: Volunteer Varsity Basketball Coach, Amanda Haluga, demonstrates proper technique during practice on the back basketball court. Bottom Right: Maintenance Manager, Ketty Douce [right] pours concrete [beton] from the mixer. 

Students, staff and Volunteers rallied around the concrete [beton] mixer once again this week to help our local boss mason, Pasteur Meus, and the LCS maintenance team to resurface the front basketball court. The court, fondly known as "The Moon" in recent years due to its many craters, was due for the facelift-- and just in time for basketball season. 

Nick Junior Joseph (Philo/U.S. 13th grade student) reported on the team's prospects under Volunteer Coach Haluga in the fall edition of the Louverture Cleary student newspaper:
The good news for this year's team is that they held onto their base. We are of course speaking of [students] Wallin, Maed, Sebastien, Kolson and Ernst. Volunteer Coach Haluga, former captain of her own high school team, is ready to lead the team to victory and was pleased to see many students try out. Her objectives for this year are clear: to prepare the team for a win against [LCS rival] St. Louis Gonzague. The team is ready to give their all.