Supporting the Future Leaders of Haiti

As November begins, so does the academic year at many Haitian universities. This year, THP's Office of External Affairs (OEA) met its strategic goal of providing scholarships to 50% of the 2014 graduating class, offering scholarships to 26 LCS alumni for the 2014-2015 academic year. 
In total, the OEA will provide scholarships for more than 85 graduates this year, in addition to job placement and professional development. On the significance of the OEA, Deacon Moynihan notes:

If our mission to build a brighter future for Haiti is to be successful, there is a pressing need to support Louverturians after they graduate and especially in their university studies.  For our graduates to fully manifest their own potential as leaders in Haiti, they need the right tools for the job.

Jerry Norestan (LCS '14, pictured left) is preparing for his first year as an   accounting major at Institut Universitaire Quisqueya-Amérique: 

When you look at what Haiti needs, what any business, school, or NGO needs, it is accountants. I know that when I graduate I will be able to get a job and help support my family. Louverture Cleary taught me to work independently and to take an interest in mathematics, and I am confident that my university studies will be a continuation of what I learned at LCS. 

Left: Jean Roger Polidor (LCS '06), Director of the OEA. Polidor and his office also provides job placement assistance. Middle: Marie Dorval (LCS '10) studies Agronomy at Haiti's Universite Quisqueya thanks to a scholarship from THP's OEA. Right: Mackenzie Andrè has held a job from the day he received his diploma from Louverture Cleary School (LCS) in 1999.