A Fruitful Encounter


Left: Salesforce.com volunteers, Kim, Heidi, Leah and Stephane during their visit to LCS in November. Right: Assoc Director of Development, Mikhaila Moynihan at work with Salesforce in Providence.

THP continues to make new friends from Salesforce.com. A volunteer group from the San Francisco-based company visited LCS earlier this month during a trip to assist organizations in Haiti which have benefited from in-kind support from Salesforce.

Their CRM platform had been on THP's radar for some time, but Salesforce came particularly to our attention after a serendipitous hallway meeting in January 2013 at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Marc Benioff, Chairman/CEO/Founder of Salesforce, and Brian Moynihan, Deacon Patrick Moynihan’s brother and Trustee of the Project, met and discovered that Haiti was of interest to them both: Marc and Saleforce had been supporting Haiti following 2010 earthquake; Brian had been involved in the Project for over 20 years and was one of THP's early board members.

The connection led to a first visit from a group of Salesforce volunteers in April 2013. In addition to touring the campus, the team met with Deacon Moynihan and THP alumnus, Dr. Theony DeshommesTheir trip precipitated additional interest and financial support for the Project, and the more recent visit in November 2014.
In recent months, THP has taken advantage of Salesforce's very generous non-profit pack and pro-bono support, transitioning to the Salesforce platform with great success.
THP is very thankful for the support of Marc and the Salesforce Foundation for providing us with the inputs we need.  And we in turn provide the same to Haiti: civic-minded, service-oriented graduates committed to building a brighter future for Haiti from within.  We are happy to have yet another partner in producing Haiti’s future leaders.