Of Shovels and Wheelbarrows



Left: David Civil (LCS '10) coordinates work hour schedules and tasks as a member of the Junior Staff. Here, he works with students to turn the compost.Center: Students give the incinerator a thorough cleaning, as others turn the compost heap. The "Compost song" is displaying on the wall above. Right: Volunteers and students rid the soccer field of thorny plants which sprung up during the winter break.

During campus Work Hours, LCS students led by staff and Volunteers assist the campus maintenance staff on a daily basis, providing additional labor for more complicated projects and handling smaller jobs themselves. Junior Staff member and 2010 graduate, David Civil, manages the rotation of students, staff, and their tasks.

Our students don't come to campus just to work with pens and paper, but they have to be ready to work to rebuild the country. As I tell the students, life is not only about doing the things that we want to do, but about doing what we have to do and what we should do. Work Hours show the students that they have a responsibility to do what needs to be done, even if it is not easy. It's very important for this community to be filled with people who are ready to do what needs to be done. This is the mission of Louverture Cleary, this is a part of life. I am proud to teach the students how to do their work and to work alongside them.

-David Civil (LCS '10), Work Hour Coordinator

Work Hours are a chance for us to work physically, to remember that our intelligence isn't just something that is only for the classroom or an office. If we are going to be hard workers, we have to be ready for physical tasks, too. When it's time for work hour, I like when we have a chance to work on the betÓn [concrete] and on the rock crusher. I like doing these jobs because the boys don't think that the girls can do it. I like to show them that I can do everything they can -- that I'm strong, too.

-Michaella Cadet, LCS Rheto (U.S. 12th grade) student

Work Hours help students to learn about caring for their enivornment and to further benefit from the structure that LCS provides for their lives. When we are in work hour, we are demonstrating the importance of caring for the community and sometimes learning new skills, like the best way to use a crib (sifter). They will be able to apply a lot of these skills in their future.

-Michelle Paquette, Volunteer