Saints Among Us


From Left: Samuel Cangé, Philo (U.S. 13th grade) student delivers a speech on the relevance of philosophy for LCS students preparing to rebuild their country; LCS staff member, Daëlle Edmond conducts an initial interview with a prospective Louverturian.

The feast day of St. Thomas Aquinas, patron of students, is traditionally celebrated in Haiti as Philosopher’s Day. In their final year of secondary school, Philo (U.S. 13th grade) students observe the feast day with guest speakers or, like last year, a festival. This year, the students prepared speeches on the relevance of philosophy. Samuel Cangé was one of the speakers:

At our little celebration, I talked about the history of philosophy and of St. Thomas Aquinas -- how he used faith and reason to understand the world. I spoke about how philosophy can make a better world, and a better Haiti. Imagine a country of philosophers… Philosophers are always asking questions, and asking the right questions are the first step in fixing the problems of a nation. With the right answers, we can overcome those issues that hold us back.

This year, the feast day coincided with the start of registration for the Louverture Cleary entrance exam. Over the next two weeks, hundreds of rising Sizyèm (U.S. 7th grade) students from the Port au Prince area will apply to become members of the Louverture Cleary graduating class of 2022. Dean of Academics, Marielle Laprès (LCS ’06) serves on the LCS admissions committee:

As the children go through the application process, we are trying to assess their academic aptitude, as well as their integrity. The questions we ask help us to see if the students are ready to live at Louverture Cleary as brothers and sisters, maintain academic excellence, and embrace the philosophy of the school: “What we receive for free, we must give for free.” (Mt 10:8) 

When the community conveys the gift of education and care, [the students] know that they must also give freely by living well in community, helping any fellow students who are struggling, and sharing what they learn with people in their home communities. They will have to share this philosophy with everyone.

This Valentine's Day, give the gift of an education!
Next weekend, we commemorate St. Valentine, who is traditionally celebrated for his defense of marriage under the Roman Emperor Claudius. As Deacon Moynihan has related in past updates, THP also cares about marriage. 
Consider observing the holiday by supporting The Haitian Project and Louverture Cleary students and graduates as they bring social and economic stability to their country.
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