Supporting Institutions in Haiti

Many, if not all, of Haiti's challenges stem from a lack of social institutions, including a well-functioning government, a ubiquitous public school system, and even the most fundamental unit of society -- families. THP is proud that graduates of Louverture Cleary school marry and found nuclear families at a rate far above the national trend. In addition to educating LCS studentsabout the value of monogamous families, the older students are prepared in a special way by their responsibilities as "Guides" in their terminal year.

Nesly Pierre (LCS '05) puts it this way:

Families are the base of a society. Before we go to school, education starts at home. We are a strong family at LCS. When I was in Philo [U.S. 13th grade], I had to behave like a parent -- love the younger students, and even be hard on them when necessary. Now, I do the same thing as a good husband and father.

THP In the News:

In response to the high cost of fuel, unpaid teachers' salaries and, ultimately, the government's failure to hold elections, public transportation strikes and demonstrations brought business and productivity in Port au Prince to a halt earlier this week. [Louverture Cleary kept its doors open with dedicated staff and older students serving as substitutes for professors who were unable to get to campus].

To support the development of Haiti's social institutions, Deacon Moynihan recently proposed a plan that would allow foreign aid to have a lasting, long-term impact helping Haiti to develop rule of law, a sound infrastructure and public educational system. Deacon Moynihan comments:

Unfortunately, President Clinton and Denis O’Brien influenced the Martelly administration to pay more attention to Haiti being open for business than making sure that government does the business of government -- led to lots of PR, but not much improvement in terms of institutional government and the current failure to hold elections. The business that Haiti needs to be concerned about most is successful government.

Deacon Moynihan will be in Washington, D.C. to meet with several U.S. senators in support of the plan later this week. 


THP on the Town:

Former THP Board Member and current CEO of Bank of America, Brian Moynihan will be speaking in Providence this week as a part of the Darrell West Lecture Series on Religion and Politics. Follow this link for more information.