Haitian Bishops Call for Education Support


From Left: THP Board Member Dr. Scott LeGrand and LCS alumus Dr. Theony Deshommes ('03) work on spring cleaning in the LCS St. Francis & St. Clare guest house; Deacon Moynihan works with Dr. Deshommes to prepare a new green space on the campus.

This week, Monseigneur Launay Saturne, Bishop of Jacmel in Haiti, called on Catholic parishes to place a stronger emphasis on supporting education in Haiti. While there are many clinics and other activities supported by foreign parishes, Bishop Saturne and Archbishop Guire Poulard of Port-au-Prince see education as crucial to Haiti's development. Describing the current state of education in Haiti, Bishop Saturne stated:

"...we want people to come and get involved because the children cannot learn. The teachers are not being paid. The schools are in bad shape," he said.

"We need the type of help that builds our capacity,” he continued. "Without education we will remain in the current situation until the end of time."

The comments were a tremendous affirmation of the Project's mission in Haiti. THP President Deacon Patrick Moynihan notes, "I am impressed, moved and relieved to read Bishop Saturne's remarks. Nobody knows better than Haitians that random acts of kindness, no matter how well-intended, cannot provide Haiti with opportunity. However, education can."

Also this week, THP Board Member, Dr. Scott LeGrand, made his third visit to Haiti, which he spent getting to know the latest generation of Volunteers, visiting classes, and learning more about Haiti's medical system from Dr. Deshommes.

Having traveled to LCS before, I knew it was a special place filled with staff, students, and volunteers all working to change Haiti from within. Since my last visit 6 years ago, many things have changed- new walls have been poured, new faces fill the volunteer and several of the administration roles, and new programs have been further deveped and refined.  LCS's commitment to its motto of giving for free that which you have been given, however, remains stronger than ever, and there is no doubt in my mind that the work done at LCS is the work of Christ.