Students from Bon Samaritain primary school in Cité Soleil receive their tickets to the Louverture Cleary entrance exam in May. Bon Samaritain serves children from the poorest and roughest area of Port au Prince. Philo and Rheto students from Louverture Cleary teach beginner's English at the school.

Addressing a group of young people in the Diocese of Providence, Deacon Moynihan recently commented on the fact that Lent reminds us that our faith is not a win-win faith. In fact, whoever loses his life will save it (cf. Mt10:3916:25, Mk 8:35, Lk 9:2417:33, Jn 12:25). Lose means detachment through fasting, almsgiving, and works of mercy
On Monday, Philo (U.S. 13th grade) student, Ronaldo Bernier was overjoyed to see some of his students from Bon Samaritain primary school in Cité Soleil at Louverture Cleary, "I was so HAPPY to see them. They called me over, 'Teacher! Teacher!'" 
Local Board Member Patrick Brun first introduced us to Bon Samaritain, identifying their students as good candidates for Louverture Cleary. He supported the construction of their schoo and, through his initiative, several of the children were able to register for the LCS entrance exam this year. 
Bernier and several of his classmates teach beginner's English to the 6ème AF (U.S. 6th grade) students at Bon Samaritain. Twice per week, members of the teaching team travel to the primary school which serves children from the most impoverished area of Port-au-Prince. It means a lot of extra work for Bernier and the other teachers -- they have to keep up with the classes they miss at LCS, in addition to coordinating their lesson plans (they teach on a rotating basis). 

THP President, Deacon Patrick Moynihan commented: 

Though I have seen it played out before my eyes many times, I am still impressed by the immediacy with which Louverturians give back what they have received. The participation of kids from one of Haiti's toughest and most under-served neighborhoods--thanks in part to our LCS student teachers--is inspiring. Hats off to Patrick Brun as well for giving these kids a school to attend.

Thank you for your continued support of OUR mission TOGETHER to provide an education that not only changes the lives of our students, but their families, their communities and their country.