Chemen la Kwa

LCS students enact a living Stations of the Cross (Chemen la Kwa) Tuesday night. The fourth station is pictured above: Christ meets his mother, Mary.

In honor of Holy Week, the students in the Catholic and drama committees staged a living Chemen la Kwa (Stations of the Cross). Principal Marjorie Mombrun ('07) and Second Year Volunteer Kristin Soukup advised the students throughout the preparations and final performance. As an alumna and long-time staff member, this is a familiar and fruitful time for Mme Mombrun:

Our display of The Way of the Cross is something we do at LCS during the Lenten season to remind ourselves about Jesus’ Passion and how he suffered for us. Station by station we can understand what He went through and reflect on what it means for us. We remember how much God loves us and how he sent his Son so that we might be saved, and we think about what we can do as Christians to return that love.

On a daily basis, Mombrun and Soukup share the responsibility of leading morning and evening prayer for the community of Volunteers and staff. As Lent draws to a close, Soukup offers her perspective on this pillar of the Faith:

Prayer is fundamental to our life at LCS. The first thing we do as a community each morning is gather for prayer, before the school day and our work begins. In order to serve God through our work, we must be first rooted in a life of prayer and our relationship with Christ. As the Lenten season calls us to increase our prayer, we become more rooted in Christ and nourished by His Word. This enables us to better recognize God's presence in our life each day and continually offer our work as a prayer.

We hope you will remember The Haitian Project and the community at Louverture Cleary School in your prayers this week, as you are in ours. Thank you for your continued support of education in Haiti.