How We Know

Throughout history, education has proven itself to be the most reliable tool for promoting the advancement of individuals and societies. The wisdom of THP's mission of education is reflected not just in history, but in the facts as well. Consider the following:

  • While 80% of foreign funds are spent on projects other than education, Haitians make education their priority by dedicating over 80% of their remittances to pay for the education of their children.
  • The high demand for education has ensured that teaching is one of the most highly paid professions in Haiti.
  • Every May at LCS 250-300 Louverturian hopefuls line up around the block at 4 am to take our entrance exam and to have a shot at an education that will undoubtedly change their life, and also the lives of those around them.  
This June we will graduate our 20th class of servant-leaders who will go on to prove that education works. In a country where the unemployment rate is between 60% and 80%, and where 84% of professionals leave to find opportunities elsewhere, over 90% of LCS graduates remain in Haiti to further empower their communities, earning 10-20 times the per capita income of Haiti.

Not only is education what Haitians need it is also what Haitians want.  In a sense, we have all received a free education. It is now time to give it.