Unexpected Connections


Last September, The Haitian Project began implementing the Salesforce.com platform in our U.S. offices. As the Project has grown and works towards a second school in 2018, so has our need for a program that would allow us to continue to maintain a personal relationship with an ever growing community.  

Salesforce was the solution.  Even though Salesforce is the leading client information and relationship management platform used by major companies like GE and Bank of America, The Haitian Project received the program free through the Salesforce Foundation.  The Foundation has been very supportive of our mission in other ways as well, even makingtwo visits to LCS.  Currently, we are finishing up a pro-bono consulting session provided by the Foundation.Last Thursday, Salesforce held a conference in Boston to connect Salesforce users in the New England area. Along with providing access to Salesforce Experts and invaluable information on future tools for nonprofits, appearances were made by New England favorites such as the Dropkick Murphys and the New England Patriot's very own quarterback Tom Brady. Our staff was able to connect with Salesforce professionals to learn tricks of the trade and glean information on using the cloud technology more efficiently.


In the themes presented by the keynote speakers, we found that Salesforce and THP unexpectedly share a fundamental principle: a commitment to authentic engagement with our community.  Salesforce is a tool designed to enable organizations to have deeper and more meaningful relationships with their communities.  That is what THP has always strived to do, and a big part of why many of our benefactors have remained connected to THP for well over a decade.