Learning More After All These Years

I was very happy to welcome back Dick Kunnert to the campus. Dick is an expert in Leadership/Management coaching. This is his second trip. We first encountered the Lead Like Jesus program, based on Ken Blanchard's [author of the One Minute Manager] program, back in 2002.

Update on the Storm

Dear Community,

I spoke with Patrick this morning who reported that throughout last night and this morning a consistent and soft rain has been continuing to fall, but there have not been any strong winds nor strong movements of water in their area causing any debris or destruction. The storm has grown a little in strength and has become a category 1 hurricane; however, it continues to move north—doing just what we want it to do. Patrick was in Port au Prince early this morning and says that while things are wet and muddy they are relatively quiet and calm. At the school the students are having make-shift classes since schools in Port au Prince have been canceled and teachers are staying home. The students, staff, and volunteers are all faring well and continue to remain vigilant as the storm moves past.

Thank you all for your support and prayers.

Peace, Elizabeth

Ain’t No Language Barrier High Enough …

I continue to be impressed by the work being done for the youngest members of Santo 5. The Timoun Program took another step forward this weekend by creating Kreyol translations of well-loved children's books.  The program engine was provided by eight LCS students. [Volunteer Rebekah Rogalski will explain the process below.] Christina and Volunteer Kristen Zeiler are working to create a "language transition" program that accomplishes two goals: first, to give the young reader a firm knowledge in his or her home language (Kreyol); second, using this base, to provide French language skills to prepare children for school, which continues to use French as the primary academic language.  This method is based in sound educational theories as well as meets the practical need of the children.  

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