The Time It Takes

(Left to Right) Lead Volunteer Amanda Gaal and visiting Volunteer alumnus Andrew Roznowski unpack ingredients for tomorrow’s menu, Deacon Patrick Moynihan beginning the annual process of thawing the turkey, the staff and Volunteers practicing for tomorrow’s football game.

We are starting our preparations for Thanksgiving today, as I am sure many of you are, too. At LCS, we enjoy the work and the day because it is a great opportunity for the Volunteer community to reverse the "tables" and share U.S. culture with their Haitian colleagues.

This year, the thought that comes to my mind is "it takes time."  It takes time to prepare a meal. It takes time to become a community. It takes time to become a nation with a collective identity and vision. Thinking about the first Thanksgiving that we will commemorate tomorrow, I am struck by how far we have come as a nation. As U.S. Americans, we should be proud of how our country has developed over the years. We should also take note that becoming a nation is a long process. As we show our appreciation for this process having gone well for us as a nation, let's renew our commitment to helping Haiti move forward in its own process. 

I would greatly appreciate you taking a moment as you gather around the table to share your love for THP with your friends and family. If appropriate, please encourage them to give thanks by supporting OUR mission.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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