It's a Wrap—Almost. It's a Start.

As we wait for the final announcements of Haiti’s election results and the next steps, in the Louverture Cleary School (LCS) community we continue to build from the ground up—literally.

The roof will be complete on our 10th house build today. The doors will go on by Friday. Presto: A house. To make it a home we will continue to work with Alype, who helped build the house for his family, as he works to parent his two children, who are both in the Timoun program. This home, small as it is, will provide an integral part in preserving families in our neighborhood—the fundamental unit in any society.

Learning as We Continue Forward



Reconstruction of the Claire Heureuse Building, the old girls dorm behind the basketball court, is underway.  We have many people to thank from within Haiti and in the wider community for offering their expertise in this process.  We thank Scott Hill (Board Member and Chair of THP’s Facilities Committee) for spearheading this action as well as his brother, Howard Hill, who is an expert in seismic activity.  Kurt Daviscourt of Belfor Property Restoration and his colleagues from the great Northwest have also been critical in this action.  From the beginning, we had great experts on the ground with the technical team from UNDP who arrived just after the quake. This group of engineers, led by Wassim Ghannoum, stayed at our school and slept inside our dorms to demonstrate their safety – helping to restore confidence and morale in student body.  We are grateful also for the help we received from Voila’s corporate engineers as well as Jerry and Charles Fombrun. 

We Remember as We live

We keep in loving memory and prayers those of the LCS community who passed away in the January 12th earthquake:

Marin Forde – LCS Class of 1998, LCS Librarian 2004-2009

Gabriel Marie Pierre – LCS Class of 2002

Ruth Alcenat – LCS Class of 2006

Berkely Pierre – LCS Class of 2006

Sabrina Louis Jeune – LCS Class of 2008

Ismaël Gerlus – LCS Class of 2008

Gesline Laguerre – LCS Class of 2009

Today, LCS participates in the National Day of "Celebration de la vie dans la mort". Indeed, Haiti, as well as our community, has a deep understanding of both life and death. Our commemoration calls to memory the LCS alumni who died and, with respectful joy, celebrates the life and mission we continue to enjoy and live. 

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