Working on the Details and a Bit of Fun, Too



We are nearly finished with the basic wall construction. The Playground Project, which involves a series of iron picket pieces, will take another week to complete. We are excited about the aesthetics of this fence given that it is in the playground area. It will be secure, but open. We thank Kate [McDermott] McDodson [Volunteer 2003-04] for bringing the resources of her adoption group, All God’s Children in Portland, behind this Project. Thank you to all who have donated to our Recovery Fund for making this and many other costs created by the Earthquake less of a burden. 

An extra 100 meters to an 800 meter race



When I asked the amazing Volunteers of 2009-10 to consider extending their stay so we could continue the educational program for an extra month for the younger students, I knew that for most it would not be possible. Some had to get back to jobs and others to start professional degrees. Some knew they needed a break and time with family before returning next year. I was also conscious of the fact that I was adding 100 meters to an 800 meter race, not just asking the group to go the extra mile on an easy jog.

A Job Well Done


It may seem unseemly to have these two pictures juxtaposed. However, LCS is in a constant endeavor for a job well done, and that is exactly the thought that ran through my mind as I passed the incinerator in its pristine condition. Given the normal production of refuse by a community of over 400 students and staff, it is a daily struggle to keep the trash process in order. Success in this area is not a metaphor for what Haiti needs, but a direct, un-nuanced example. Finishing the year with a clean and orderly compost and incinerator area is a mark of a great year and is a credit to the Volunteers, staff and students.  

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