Before the Ashes

Top: An early Mardi Gras celebration for the Koukouy program and a team pow wow with JV coaches Amanda Gaal and Meghan Gregus for the LCS soccer game. Bottom: THP Volunteers Tara Kingsley, Edward Drislane and Emily Marquet along with Deacon Moynihan do work on the LCS campus while the students are on break and the Mass celebration for newly ordained Deacon Tim Flanigan, THP Board Member.

A school break and Carnival set the circumstances for the last days leading to Lent at LCS. I’m sure there was some pre-Lent prayer and repenting going on last week during exam time. The week ended, however, with a small festival for the Koukouy (child development program) participants and soccer game for our youngest students against a local elementary school. We took a day of rest on Tuesday as a community and enjoyed the quiet of the campus. Today, as you can see, we were back at the usual chores. Today at 5:30 pm, we will have an Ash Wednesday Service to officially open the season of Lent.  

Back in the US, on February 2nd I gained a new brother out of an old friend of The Haitian Project. Congratulations to Tim, now Deacon Tim Flanigan, on becoming a permanent deacon. He was ordained for our home diocese, Providence, by Bishop Tobin.  Thanks to Luba and his family for sharing Tim in yet another way with the "Big Family.”

Dr. Flanigan has been on THP’s Board of Directors since 2010.



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